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Garment Printing


Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most popular and durable way to embellish a garment. It is the preferred method for creating long lasting and vibrant artwork. This technique is used to print high quality black and white as well as multi coloured designs with detailed precision creating a smooth and clean finish.

Screen printing is ideal for large bulk orders, as it becomes progressively cheaper the more apparel you are printing.

Ideal for business and leisure, this production process caterers to all standards of clothing.

Heat Transfer

Heat transferring is a printing technique that uses a heat press to imprint a design on to an underlying layer through the application of heat and pressure for a set period of time. Heat transferring is particularly useful for small-scale intricately full coloured designs as well as for sports jersey numbering and lettering. Generally used for 1-20 units as screen printing becomes a more cost effective application for larger orders.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a printing technique where an ink jet directly uses digital-based images to print colorants on to a fabric. Digital printing is more suitable for small-run jobs as it avoids the technical steps required for other printing methods allowing for on-demand printing.